Hello all! Big news! The Dorothy’s Kitchen Table consensus group (Rachel, Chris, Brittany, Ian, Hannah, Maureen, Marshall, Cindy, Allyson) has decided to close the restaurant after two satisfying years of farm-to-table meals, and gatherings of every kind — art nights, opera, poetry, music, storytelling, book signings, weddings, scripture studies, mindfulness dinners,etc…– and all supported and sustained through sharing-based exchange.  We are currently seeking new ways to express the initial Dorothy’s vision “to enjoy true food and share it forever!”  The building and house were becoming a barrier to joyful participation.  If you’d like a more comprehensive explanation as to our decision to enact this change, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Join us in our next adventure and tell us how to share in your own. 
If you are interested in booking the restaurant for an event, contact us! 
By Email: dorothyskitchentable@gmail.com
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