Denton Record-Chronicle (10.16.16)

Wonderful article about Bonding Bites II: the family and doggy farm-to-table meal benefiting the Denton Community Market. Dorothy’s Kitchen Table, Carla’s Canine Concoctions, and East Side collaborated to create a beautiful space and event for our community of people, animals, and beyond!


Denton Record-Chronicle (6.17.16)

Another great article as we approach our 1 year anniversary in July! Thanks again, to our friends Rhiannon and the DRC. We appreciate our stories being shared!


1080 KRLD (6.9.16)

Wonderful Interview with John Betten by J.D. Ryan Around Town on KRLD 1080!


Dallas Eater (6.1.16)

Thanks again, Sara Button, for sharing our story in the Dallas Eater!


The Dentonite (3.24.16)

 Thank you to the staff at The Dentonite for putting together this kind article!


Denton Record Chronicle (10.4.15)

What a well-written article in the Denton Record Chronicle! Thank you so much Rhiannon for interviewing through joining.  This article really represented the restaurant in a respectful way.  Thanks to Chris, Hannah and Veronica for agreeing to be interviewed.